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UMNews: News about The United Methodist Church (english)

Auf dieser Seite finden sich aktuelle Nachrichten aus der weltweiten Evangelisch-methodistischen Kirche (United Methodist Church, UMC).
Quelle: https://www.umnews.org

(Der Internetauftritt der United Methodist Church findet sich hier: https://www.umc.org)

  • Bethany United Methodist Church owes part of its success diversifying to the Rev. Tony Phillips, a former Coca-Cola Company executive who has followed a unique career path.
  • Bethany United Methodist Church suffered from declining membership because of an aging population that no longer reflected its neighborhood. But the congregation is doing something about it.
  • Memorial Day weekend saw tornadoes and other storms hit communities in multiple states, prompting response from local United Methodist churches and the United Methodist Committee on Relief.
  • In the wake of The United Methodist Church’s legislative assembly, the Rev. Joelle Henneman writes, “We have not reached Christian perfection quite yet. However, as we move forward, we do so with a more diverse harmony of voices.”
  • In his home country of Côte d’Ivoire and beyond, many are grieving the loss of Broune, who died at 48 after years of multifaceted Christian service through The United Methodist Church.
  • Irene Elizabeth “Beth” Stroud’s ministerial orders as an elder were removed in 2004 after a trial in which she admitted to being in a committed relationship with another woman. The Rev. Stroud is now reinstated as clergy.
  • A 2024 General Conference delegate learns in a letter how a former pastor helped craft the legislation barring gay clergy, and how he regretted it years later.
  • Dr. Larry R. Hygh Jr., a former United Methodist communicator, accomplished a goal to visit all 50 states before his 50th birthday. He shares what his travels have taught him.
  • The Rev. Ellison Kamupira endeared himself to thousands of Zimbabweans through his compassion, sermons and sense of humor.
  • The landmark General Conference that took place April 23-May 3 in Charlotte, North Carolina, was set amongst a thriving downtown with a homeless problem. Those two things are connected if United Methodists are true to their convictions.
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