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UMNews: News about The United Methodist Church (english)

Auf dieser Seite finden sich aktuelle Nachrichten aus der weltweiten Evangelisch-methodistischen Kirche (United Methodist Church, UMC).
Quelle: https://www.umnews.org

(Der Internetauftritt der United Methodist Church findet sich hier: https://www.umc.org)

  • Bishop Calvin D. McConnell, who has died at age 94, stressed the spiritual disciplines, spoke out for social justice and relished the pastoral part of episcopal leadership.
  • The entries on HIV and AIDS in the Book of Resolutions have not been updated since 2016, leaving the church silent on key developments and needing to revisit its policies and programs, writes the Rev. Dr. Donald E. Messer.
  • Methodists from across Asia came together Oct. 23-27 in Bangkok for the third Asia Upper Room leadership seminar and to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Thai Upper Room Edition.
  • Couple’s ordination marks historic moment for The United Methodist Church in the Central African Republic.
  • Church leaders say the new church is a symbol of hope for thousands of internally displaced persons living at the camp in Congo.
  • A Zimbabwean community had struggled for years to raise resources to complete a new sanctuary. A three-way partnership helped finish the project.
  • Meme for the first Sunday in Advent is available to download and share on social media. The staff at UM News wishes everyone a blessed Advent season.
  • The promise and problems around artificial intelligence are touching the religion world, with a United Methodist pastor in Texas using AI to craft a worship service, including the sermon and an original song.
  • The board of The United Methodist Church’s finance agency approved agency and bishop spending plans for the coming year. The board also looked ahead to what giving and church departures might mean for the coming budget.
  • Workshop brings together speakers on a wide variety of topics to resource those in older adult ministry and older adults themselves — from health tips to handling legal issues like changing a will.
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